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From The House
  • Fall Quarter COVID Policies for Classes

    Posted Tue, 8/10/2021
    by Megan Gallagher

    If you’re thinking about joining us for an in-person class this fall, here’s what you need to know. This fall, we’re offering our first in-person classes in over a year…


  • Pair Hugo House classes with SAL events!

    Posted Thu, 12/9/2021
    by Shawn Baker Gibson

    In Seattle, we’re fortunate to have a diverse arts ecosystem, which includes several longtime literary arts organizations like Hugo House, our public libraries, Seattle City of Literature, and our friends…


  • Criticism as Equipment for Living by Kevin O’Rourke

    Posted Mon, 11/1/2021
    by Guest Contributor

    Toward the end of his recent book, Image Control: Art, Fascism, and the Right to Resist, Patrick Nathan offers a robust defense of the art of criticism. Here, despite the…