July, 2015

Micro-Lesson | Jane Wong on Crafting Line Breaks

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1. An example of what we will be reading: We will read a multitude of different line-break styles from poets such as Jack Spicer, Brenda Shaughnessy, Susan Howe, Richard Hugo, Hannah Sanghee Park, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and more. Take a look…

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Micro-Lesson | Waverly Fitzgerald and Annie Pearson on DIY Publishing

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Beginning with the first class of DIY Publishing, we will encourage writers to introduce their books with the prompt “Tell us who you are and what you book is about.” With each session, this introduction will become more natural and…

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Micro-Lesson | Creating (Un)likable Characters with Michael Shilling

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Hi writers! This is a little taste of what we’ll be doing in my summer class, Creating (Un)likable Characters, which runs Wednesdays, July 8-August 12, at the really likable time of 5-7. First, an example of a story we’ll discuss….

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Micro-Lesson | Conscious Revision with Bill Carty

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This Micro-Lesson is provided in anticipation of Carty’s upcoming class, Conscious Revision, which begins on Monday. Register now. Micro-Lesson: “An Octopus of Ice” Description For this lesson, we’ll aim to revise a poem through the use of digression. We’ll look…

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