October, 2015

Micro-Lesson | Jane Wong on the Poetry of Memoir

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A sampler of Jane Wong’s upcoming class, “The Poetry of Memoir,” beginning May 13. 1. An example of what we will be reading: We will read a multitude of different approaches to memoir in verse, including Eduardo C. Corral and…

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Featured 30/30 Writer: Beth Bacon

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Sometimes the words flow freely. On those days I write. Sometimes, I struggle to find any words at all. I write on those days, too. Writing is a solitary task, but with the 30/30 challenge, I feel like I’m part…

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Get Excited | Christine Texeira on Novelist Benjamin Percy

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  Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon showed me what to do with all of my ghosts. I’ve never been a werewolf person. Werewolves may be deadly and fraught with self-loathing, but they just aren’t creepy enough for me. They’re all action, not enough…

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Featured 30/30 Writer: L. J. Morin

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I didn’t have a solid daily writing practice before doing the Hugo 30/30 Writing Challenge in 2014, but I aspired to have one, and because of Hugo 30/30 I got to experience how it felt to spend thirty minutes writing…

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Featured Hugo 30/30 Writer: Claire Woodard

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Last October, I wrote every day for thirty minutes. OK, fine, I skipped a few days. But I always made up for them the next day by writing for an hour. Really. I carried a journal with me and pulled it…

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