May, 2016

Micro Lesson: Aimee Suzara

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A sample of Aimee Suzara’s “Poetic Moments: Flashplays and Writing for Performance” workshop on May 28 1. An example of what we will be reading: Since this is a four-hour intensive workshop, we’ll read and view some short plays together by…

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The Day White Folks Reconsidered Their Whiteness: A Police Procedural | by Fredda Jaffe

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Seattle is one of the whitest major cities in America and, in fact, is becoming slightly whiter. —Charles Mudede King County Superior Court, Case 97531, Exhibit A: Handwritten Note Follow the trail of broken crockery and bits of bird nests…

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#WhereWeWrite: Angela Wilhite

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This beat-up, faded-blue jellybean sofa is prime real estate for a procrastinator like myself. Monday evenings starting at 6:00, you’ll find me in Gary scrambling to finish an assignment for Ramon Isao’s The Fiction Lab: Short Story Workshop. This couch…

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Six-word stories at the final party

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Are you coming to Epilogue/Prologue: A Celebration of Hugo House? You’ll have an opportunity at the party to submit your Hemingway-esque six-word story (a la his famous one, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”). The categories for submission are: A…

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