July, 2016

Beyond Autobiography: Experimentation…Q&A with Sierra Nelson and Gretchen Bennett

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For four Saturdays in August (8/6–8/27), visual artist and writer Gretchen Bennett and poet and performer Sierra Nelson will be co-teaching a class called Beyond Autobiography: Multi-Disciplinary Experiments—a generative writing class that also draws on other art forms to provide…

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Micro Lesson: Revisiting the Ode with Jane Wong

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Jane Wong’s one-day workshop on the ode is this Saturday, July 30. Learn more and register here. 1. An example of what we will be reading: This course is completely celebratory! We will read a multitude of different approaches to…

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Micro Lesson: When to Land Your Punches and When to Pull Them with Ruth Joffre

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How do you make violence in fiction interesting without feeling gratuitous and unnecessary? As writers, should we treat emotional violence differently? Study the works of Benjamin Percy, Tim O’Brien, and Flannery O’Connor, among others, then apply the lessons learned to…

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Micro Lesson: Writing Associative Verse with Judith Skillman

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Let it riff in Judith Skillman’s six-week poetry class, Writing Associative Verse, where you’ll explore the process of associative writing and employ strategies that enable the reception and articulation of what is perhaps any poet’s better half: his or her…

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