January, 2017

How to Get Past Writer’s Block to Writer’s Habit

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We’ve all experienced it—the dreaded writer’s block. According to Wikipedia, “many famous writers have suffered from the affliction, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, British songwriter Adele, and even Herman Melville, who stopped writing novels a few years after completing Moby Dick.”…

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Keep Writing: Jane Wong, poet and Hugo House instructor

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  Sometimes, there are no words. Sometimes, there’s just noise: a sigh, a shout, a whimper. And in that inability to speak, I try to listen closely to the sounds I make—the sounds that arise from fear, worry, unease, and…

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Keep Writing: Sonora Jha, Hugo House writer-in-residence

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  You are allowed four days of despair. I tell myself this when I get a rejection letter or an editor says “you need to overhaul this,” or, well, when an incompetent and despotic man becomes the leader of the…

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How to Hold a Literary Salon

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Which famous American expatriate in Paris ran one of the last full-blown literary salons? Gertrude Stein. Gertrude Stein. Gertrude Stein. Gertrude Stein. Which notoriously reclusive American poet attended a salon in her sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert’s home, The Evergreens? Emily Dickinson….

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