March, 2017

Betrayed: An Exclusive Q&A With Rick Barot and Kaitlyn Greenidge

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Hugo House Literary Series (Greenidge and Barot)

Authors Rick Barot, Kaitlyn Greenidge and Anis Mojgani visit Hugo House on Friday, April 7, for the final installment in our 2016-2017 Literary Series. After a year of themes including exile, animals and theft, we turn to betrayal — an…

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At the Loom of the Inner Weave by Willie Fitzgerald

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When I was twenty-three and full of vague and unpromising ideas about how fiction might work, I was constantly asking myself how a piece of fiction earns it. ‘It’ was loosely defined, as was ‘earn’; basically, I was looking for…

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Meet the 2017 Scribes Instructors: Roberto Ascalon & Sierra Nelson at MOHAI

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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting our Scribes instructors to learn more about their literary style and what they have in store for the next batch of young writers at our two-week immersive writing camps for teens. For more…

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Let’s Get to Work With Author Mary Gaitskill

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Mary Gaitskill

Talking about writing is fine but isn’t it time we actually started writing? That’s the vibe we got from author Mary Gaitskill in our recent interview and we couldn’t agree more. Gaitskill comes to Hugo House on March 16 to…

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Keep Writing: Anastacia-Renee, poet and Hugo House writer-in-residence

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In my personal life, there are times when I feel stretched between boiling over with gratitude and quoting my grandmother, who once said in the 80’s, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket,” after watching an episode…

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