June, 2019

Micro Lesson: How to Write Yourself Home by Merna Ann Hecht

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“To be an immigrant is to always live in some state of exile, even if its shadow seems to have grown faint inside us; you cannot forget your old homes, no matter how comfortingly familiar your new destination becomes, or…

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Micro-Lesson: Writing Travel by Carolyne Wright

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Elizabeth Bishop was the consummate American poet and writer of travel—born in Massachusetts, she was raised there and in Nova Scotia. As an adult she traveled extensively through France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and North Africa, and she lived for fifteen…

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Meet the 2019 Scribes Instructors: Nisi Shawl at Hugo House

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Calling all young sci-fi writers! This year we’ve added four new genre-focused sessions to our Scribes Writing Camps, including Sci-Fi Scribes. This one-week session takes high school-age writers of all levels on an expedition into the craft of writing about…

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Hugo House Announces the 2019–20 Hugo Fellowship Recipients

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We’re thrilled to announce the writers selected for the 2019–20 Hugo Fellowship: Joyce Chen, Shelby Handler, Piper Lane, Sasha LaPointe, Abi Pollokoff, and Jen Soriano. Over the next year, the fellows will focus on their projects, honing their craft in…

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Meet the 2019 Scribes Instructors: Anastacia-Renee at Hugo House

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Dive into poetry this summer with Poet Scribes This year, in response to feedback from former Scribes and their parents, Hugo House has expanded its Scribes Writing Camps to include one-week camps focused on a specific genre of writing. Poet…

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What is Speculative Nonfiction? by Kathleen Alcalá

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la·cu·na (ləˈk(y)o͞onə): n. (plural lacunae). 1. an unfilled space or interval; a gap. (“the journal has filled a lacuna in Middle Eastern studies”). 2. a missing portion in a book or manuscript. 3. (anatomy) a cavity or depression, especially in bone….

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Laura Da’ Named 2019–20 Poet-in-Residence at Hugo House

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We are happy to announce that poet and educator Laura Da’ will serve as Hugo House’s newest poet-in-residence, as part of one of the longest-running programs at Seattle’s home for words. Da’ is the author of Tributaries (2015), winner of…

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Meet the 2019 Scribes Instructors: Corinne Manning and Karen Finneyfrock at Hugo House

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Find your voice in Creative Writing Scribes Since 1998, Scribes Writing Camps have been a hub for young writers in the Seattle area, offering an opportunity to find their community, learn from accomplished writers, and further their love of reading…

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Meet the 2019 Scribes Instructors: Erich Schweikher and Sierra Nelson at MOHAI

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Let your imagination soar in Scribes at MOHAI. We’re excited to team up with the Museum of History and Industry again for this year’s Scribes summer camps. Scribes at MOHAI is a two-week summer camp that takes students on a…

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Meet the 2019 Scribes Instructors: Quenton Baker and Emma Törzs at Hugo House

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Further your knowledge of craft in Next Level Scribes. This year, in addition to adding genre-focused sessions to the Scribes Writing Camp lineup, Hugo House is introducing a new session just for teens who want to deepen their understanding of…

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Meet the 2019 Scribes Instructors: Samar Abulhassan and Greg Stump at The Henry Art Gallery

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Explore visual art and writing at Scribes at the Henry We’re thrilled to partner with the Henry Art Gallery again for this year’s Scribes summer camps. Over the course of this two-week session, Scribes will write and explore the many…

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