30/30 Fundraising Levels

Want to support your favorite writer? Take a look at our giving levels to get an idea of the value of your gift.


$5 – Meet Me

Let’s face it, we need each other. Sometimes just meeting a friend (or several!) for a writing date is all it takes to get those first words down. Gifts of $5, the price of a fancy coffee, help Hugo House provide 12 hours of onsite wireless communication, keeping the volunteers, teachers, staff, and students who come to Hugo House connected to each other and the larger literary world.

$10 – Rough Draft

“Don’t erase. Cross out rapidly and violently, never with slow consideration if you can help it,” urged Richard Hugo. We all have to work through our drafts, clearing out the trite and cliché, to make room for our best writing. A gift of $10 at Rough Draft level helps us save a seat for a teen writer to a Word Works: Writers on Writing event.

$25 – Lit Mag

We read them, subscribe to them, shelve them, and sometimes, we get published in them, too. A $25 donation helps us provide front desk support for students and teachers during evening class hours.

$50 – Writing Group

Your best line might actually be the weakest. A trusted group of writers can help you see when you’re blinded by love for your own precious words. At the $50 level, you are supporting one Write Time session for youth.

$100 – Chapbook

We think of them as small books of poetry now, but chapbooks have had a multi-purposed history—carrying news, songs, and stories. A Chapbook level donation of $100 funds a one-night, free-to-the-public event in our Cabaret, helping to keep our innovative events open to everyone.

$250 – Papyrus

Scrolls, parchment, vellum. Most of us attach our work as docs or pdfs, but no matter the media, writing is hard work. The gift of $250 provides one need-based scholarship to a deserving adult student to enroll in a six-week writing class.

$500 – Printing press

The invention of moveable type marks an explosion on the timeline of human consciousness, a confluence of technologies never seen before, allowing the dissemination of thought and the birth of mass communication. A $500 gift supports our residency programs in the electronic age, providing a stipend and a tangible acknowledgment of the writing life.

$750 – Manuscript

Though some have argued the work is never complete, there’s no denying the satisfaction of a final manuscript. A gift of $750 to Hugo House helps cover the cost of bringing a nationally acclaimed writer to our stage.

$1,000 – Rosetta Stone

Essential knowledge. The key to understanding all that came before. The gift of $1,000 supports one week of pay for a teaching writer at Scribes, our summer writing camp for teens.