Racial Equity

Hugo House commits to work toward racial equity at all levels of our organization.

Our staff and board see this long-term commitment as essential to carrying out our mission and enabling all writers to add their voices to the human story. Hugo House recognizes the historical and structural inequities in access to literary opportunities for people of color.

We need to increase awareness and learn from engagement with the broader community in order to develop goals and strategies to expand racial diversity and inclusion. We regard racial equity as a top priority, one that is essential to our progress and growth.

The Hugo House board—with the help of a task force comprising community members and staff as well as board members—is working on a new strategic plan. The new plan will be completed in 2019 and will focus heavily on how Hugo House can better serve communities of color and promote racial equity through programming, board and staff composition, and community outreach.

The work of racial equity will be a long process requiring many conversations and an investment of significant time and resources. Our board of directors has approved this statement of commitment, which was developed by the strategic planning committee, and our staff is solidly behind this work.