Mission, Vision & the Future

Our Vision:

Hugo House: opening the literary world to everyone who loves books or has a drive to write.

Our Mission:

Hugo House is a place to read words, hear words, and make your own words better.

How We Do It:

theory of change: through words we make the world

Our Strategic Plan for 2020–25:

At a time when rising urban rents are driving many artists out of town and threatening small cultural organizations, the Hugo House community has come together to write a different story.

After twenty years operating in a borrowed space, a dilapidated former funeral home, we raised the money for, purchased, and moved into a permanent facility in the heart of the city. Together, we created a space that invites us to gather, reflect, discuss, wrestle with, and appreciate words—a home that will serve Seattle for generations to come.

From this position of strength and stability, the four goals of our strategic plan detail the direction we will head over the next five years. Goal 1 speaks to our devotion to writers, and Goal 4 speaks to our commitment to running a fiscally healthy organization. These goals have anchored Hugo House since its inception, and we remain resolute in our focus on them.

It’s in Goal 2 and Goal 3 where we express a new and vigorous focus on expanding our reach. In Goal 2, we seek to engage new groups of people, with the intent to include readers more actively. Reading is as much a focus at Hugo House as writing— it’s an essential component of the craft; by engaging readers more directly we will energize the dialogue and broaden our impact.

Goal 3 emphasizes our determination to center Black, Indigenous, and other writers of color as well as engage readers of color: the most pressing adaptive work we can do. Together these goals launch us into an exciting new phase.

Our Four Goals:

  1. We want Hugo House to be a transformative space, a place writers can come together to grow in their art.
  2. We want to engage new groups of people creating opportunities to connect more deeply with the power of the written word.
  3. We want Hugo House to be profoundly welcoming to all writers and readers, to advance racial equity, and to ensure diversity and inclusion. 
  4. We want to build a lasting future for Hugo House, securing the resources necessary to accomplish our vision and thrive.

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