Announcing Our New Prose Writer-In-Residence and Made Fellows

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We are pleased to announce our new prose writer-in-residence for 2016–2017: Sonora Jha. Sonora is a professor of journalism and media studies at Seattle University and author of the novel Foreign (Random House India). As writer-in-residence, Sonora will receive a monthly stipend and assist writers during free hour-long appointments while completing her memoir, This Little Matter of Love.

About the book:

This Little Matter of Love is the story of raising a boy (my son) to be a feminist, and the struggle of taking him to my estranged “home” in India on the threshold of his departure for college. My central question is – What kind of man have I raised? Have I taught him to love even though I have struggled with love for my family, my men, and my country, where I am seen as “less than” because I am a disabled woman, twice-divorced, and too self willed? How do he and I trace the history of love in a stunningly broken family and a nation showing increasingly troubled politics? How do I strip him of the privileges of being a Brahmin-caste male there and shield him from his stature as a man of color here? How do I live alone after he is gone?”

About her time as resident:

“A big part of my excitement over this residency is the opportunity to mentor other writers and grow the outreach of Hugo House especially into under-represented communities. I recently taught a class at Hugo House, titled Writing Fiction That Dares, which […] was a delight to teach given the diverse group of writers it drew. I look forward to teaching other classes, say, in memoir, personal and political essay/ op-eds, revising a manuscript, etc.

I also already work on editing other writers’ projects and do one-on-one mentoring, and am happy to offer and develop this as a significant part of my work as a Writer-In-Residence. I have served on the jury to select writers in residence for Hedgebrook Women Writers Retreat from across the world for some years now and recently also served on the jury for a prestigious state writing award (confidential for now). I look forward to such mentoring, in person or anonymously, because it is a strong part of my teaching philosophy: I grow because I teach and mentor.”

Made at Hugo House Fellows

Selected by an anonymous advisory panel of writers, our six Made fellows for 2016–2017 will spend the year working on a proposed project while honing their craft in complimentary Hugo House classes, meeting with writers-in-residence Anastacia Tolbert and Sonora Jha, workshopping each other’s writing, and making use of private writing offices in the House. The fellows will also give two readings: one at the half-year point and another at the culmination of the fellowship. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

Congratulations to our new fellows: poet and writer Gabrielle Bates; queer transgender poet and performer Raye Stoeve; writer and memoirist Katie Lee Ellison, writer and co-founder of the annual small press and independent publishing festival APRIL, Willie Fitzgerald; multilingual poet Shankar Narayan; and writer Beryl Clark.