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Keep Writing: A Teach-In With Write Our Democracy and Seattle Escribe

Posted Wed, 5/30/2018 - 9:44am by  |  Category: ,

It’s a myth that good writing requires solitude. Or, at least, it’s a half-truth. When I teach, I tell my students this: We write in community. What I mean by this is that writing is an act of connection, a…

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Why I Write by Participants in Building a Writing Class with Anne Liu Kellor

Posted Tue, 11/21/2017 - 7:49am by  |  Category: , ,

The passages that follow are excerpts from a ten-minute in-class free write from the prompt Why do you write? Afterwards, we read aloud in a round and the energy in the room was palpable. I feel so grateful each time…

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Keep Writing: Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, fiction writer and Hugo House instructor

Posted Mon, 4/03/2017 - 10:54am by  |  Category: , ,

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald For years I’ve kept this quote pinned to the wall above my writing desk. In the past, I understood it to be about the murk…

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Keep Writing: Anastacia-Renee, poet and Hugo House writer-in-residence

Posted Tue, 3/07/2017 - 1:41pm by  |  Category: , ,

In my personal life, there are times when I feel stretched between boiling over with gratitude and quoting my grandmother, who once said in the 80’s, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket,” after watching an episode…

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Keep Writing: Peter Mountford, fiction writer and Hugo House instructor

Posted Thu, 2/23/2017 - 2:26pm by  |  Category: , ,

In a recent meeting of my yearlong manuscript class, when I asked how everything was going, everyone began unloading about how paralyzed they feel, as writers, and how they are fixated on the news. It wasn’t the first time I’d…

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Keep Writing: Jane Wong, poet and Hugo House instructor

Posted Fri, 1/20/2017 - 2:32pm by  |  Category: , ,

  Sometimes, there are no words. Sometimes, there’s just noise: a sigh, a shout, a whimper. And in that inability to speak, I try to listen closely to the sounds I make—the sounds that arise from fear, worry, unease, and…

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Keep Writing: Sonora Jha, Hugo House writer-in-residence

Posted Thu, 1/19/2017 - 11:02am by  |  Category: , ,

  You are allowed four days of despair. I tell myself this when I get a rejection letter or an editor says “you need to overhaul this,” or, well, when an incompetent and despotic man becomes the leader of the…

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