Classy Talk with Bill Carty: Spring 2014

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Bill Carty newWhat is the title of your class?

Time and Poetry — Writing in Four Dimensions

People should take this class if…

…they have ever found themselves subjected to the pressures of time and the pleasures of poetry!

Can your students connect with you on social media? If so, how?

Yes, I’m on Twitter and Facebook.

Are any of your works online and available to the public?


Phantom Limb


Poetry Northwest

New Orleans Review

Sixth Finch


What’s your teaching philosophy?

The way I approach teaching is similar to my writing process: I hope to read widely and allow myself to follow my distractions. I think this will be evident in the breadth of poets (contemporary and otherwise) and the range of source material (scientists, artists, philosophers) that we’ll discuss in this class.

If you could have any famous actor read one of your pieces to you, who would it be and why?

Having just watched an Oscar telecast featuring a parade of robotic recitations, I’ll take a short-cut and go with HAL 9000.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on generating new poems and fine-tuning my manuscript You Troubler.

What’s your favorite “rule” of writing to break in your own writing?

This changes over time, but I often challenge myself to break rules that I’ve been following, consciously or not. For instance, for a while I never used proper nouns or names in my poems, and now I have recent sequences that focus on both. I also started using a larger notebook to see if it would help me write larger poems. I think it might.

What are you reading now? If you could pair it with a beverage (alcoholic or otherwise), what would you choose?

I’m currently at a writing fellowship in Provincetown, MA, where I lived when I first attempted to read Moby Dick ten years ago. I’ve since read the first thirty chapters three or four times, but something about the open ocean makes me queasy. When I finish this attempt, I’ll drink champagne, but until then, I’ll stick with dramamine and ginger chews.

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