Classy Talk with Clare Meeker | Fall 2014

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Meeker SnipWhat is the title of your class? 

Polishing Your Children’s Book Manuscript

What’s one thing you hope your students will take away from the class? 

A polished draft for submission to a publisher.

What sorts of writers will you be reading/assigning in class? Why?

My reading and assignments will be based on contemporary and classic children’s book authors who are writing in the same genres as the students’ work.

Can your students connect with you on social media? If so, how?

Are any of your works online and available to the public? 

Listen to me read “Passages”  from her recently published essay in Secret Histories

What’s your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is that the classroom should be a safe and nurturing place to help you produce your best work. I believe that students can benefit from sharing their work with peers. I also like to use examples of great writing from a variety of genres to offer new and inventive strategies for students to practice and apply to their own writing.

What advice do you have about getting into the habit of writing regularly?

Have a set routine, starting with that cup’a tea or coffee that helps you sit down and execute the planned writing for the day. Stories and novels are like great stone walls built from an accumulation of days placing words in rows that will turn into something surprising and beautiful if you’re willing to put in the work.

What are you working on right now? Where did the idea come from?

I’m working on an article about the use of radio telemetry to follow the underwater foraging habits of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.

What’s your favorite word in the English vocabulary?

Today it’s “spectacular”!

Let’s talk writing inspiration—what’s the No. 1 thing that drives you to write?

The No. 1 thing that drives me to write is when I am excited or passionate about a story or subject I’ve been researching or imagining and I feel ready to commit it to paper.