Classy Talk with David Lasky | Fall 2014

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line-david-lasky.jpgWhat is the name of your class?

“Reading Graphic Masters” (co-teaching with Greg Stump)

What’s one thing you hope your students will take away from the class?

A greater appreciation for comics as a form of literature.

What sorts of writers will you be reading/assigning in class? Why?

Art Spiegelman, because his family history Maus remains perhaps the most accomplished, powerful graphic novel ever made.

Can your students connect with you on social media? If so, how?

Yes, I’m on Facebook. I also welcome my students to communicate by email.

Are any of your works online and available to the public?

This is my concentrated vision of the Superman mythos…

What’s your teaching philosophy?

Creating comics is a powerful communication skill that anyone can learn, no matter their drawing ability.

What advice do you have about getting into the habit of writing regularly?

Purchase a writing notebook with small, unintimidating pages and work on filling it one page at a time.

What are you working on right now? Where did the idea come from?

I am answering questions that Hugo House provided. 😉

What’s your favorite word in the English vocabulary?

So hard to choose!  I can tell you that my least favorite is currently “machingo” (if that is even a real word). A word that I’m quite fond of is “librarian.”

Let’s talk writing inspiration—what’s the No. 1 thing that drives you to write?

The need to tell a story that is too personal, too important, or too complex to relate in any other way is what moves me to write.