Classy Talk with Greg Stump | Summer 2014

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greg_stump_photo 2014 no whiteWhat is the title of your class? 
Your Personal Story in Comics Form. I’m co-teaching it with David Lasky.

People should take this class if… 

they want to explore autobiography through comics, regardless of their background or confidence in drawing ability.

Can your students connect with you on social media? If so, how?
Yep, they can “friend” me and my co-teacher David Lasky on Facebook, once they sign up for the class and we know who they are.

Are any of your works online and available to the public?
You can find my work online through my website and (searchable) through The Stranger. David Lasky’s work can be seen through his websitehis blog,  and his selection of comics.

What’s your teaching philosophy?
Keep students unbored and engaged through a mix of practice, lecture, exercises, and discussion; and give students challenges that stretch their experiences and limits without making them uncomfortable or intimidated.

Faulkner said to “kill your darlings.” Can you remember a specific darling you’ve killed and why? (Refrain from admitting to actual homicide in your Classy Talk Survey.)
I spent a couple years writing a graphic novel about a ninja, an astronaut, a piece of bread, and a dogusing up a pile of sketchbooks in the processbefore giving up on it (it got too unwieldy, plus I’m too lazy to actually draw the finished work, I guess) and scavenging from it like a vulture.

What’s your favorite implement to write with? Why? 
I like Crayola markers, the thick kind, just because I used to work at an after-school program where they were always available. I got so used to drawing with them that no other utensil feels as familiar or expressive.

What are you working on right now? What’s the hardest thing about it? 

A book, with Dave Lasky, about making/teaching comics. The hardest thing up to now has been finding the time to do it around my teaching schedule, but with summer coming we ought to have more time to devote to it.

What’s your favorite word in the English vocabulary?
I’m not sure I have a favorite, but I’ll go with boviscopophobia, “the morbid fear of being seen as bovine” from David Foster Wallace.

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