Classy Talk: Jeff Bender | Summer 2014

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jeff_bender_2013.jpgWhat is the title of your class?
Intro to the Short Story

People should take this class if…
they want to generate new work.

Can your students connect with you on social media? If so, how?

Are any of your works online and available to the public?
Yes: The Awl (about Facebook), CityArts, Trop, The Monarch Review, and on my website.

What’s your teaching philosophy?
Try to stay out of the way.

​Faulkner said to “kill your darlings.” ​Can you remember a specific darling you’ve killed and why? (Refrain from admitting to actual homicide in your Classy Talk Survey.)
I remember Ron Darling of the New York Mets. I never killed him—but I had the chance to during spring training, 1990, when I was ten. He was shagging fly balls in the outfield. I should have taken him out.

What’s your favorite implement to write with? Why?
I like to write with a pen. That’s what we do in my classes—pens and notebooks. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer lately, and I’m getting sick of it.

Attach a photo of your writing desk. 
Bender desk









What are you working on right now? What’s the hardest thing about it?
I’m writing an outline for a screenplay with my friend from college, a screenwriter. The hardest thing is collaborating without compromising.

What’s your favorite word in the English vocabulary?
“Wife” is a funny word to me—I don’t know why. It doesn’t sound like what it is—it’s too crude, musically. People say it all the time, and it’s always a little bit funny.