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[Bibliophilia] Based on a True Story: A Live Memoir

April 20, 2019 at 7:00 PM PDT

This is where true stories come to life. We invite one very brave audience member to share a true story from their actual life. Then the audience member, alongside the Bibliophilia Players, our company of improvisational actors, will recreate the memory as a best-selling book adaptation. Think Seabiscuit or Titanic: the story is mostly true, but some of the events are a little embellished. This show relives memories and turns them into epic glories.

Doors 6:30pm

This event is sponsored by Word Lit Zine in co-production with Hugo House.

An extravaganza of words for word lovers, Bibliophilia is about bringing the page to the stage. Each event at this three-day festival combines poetry and prose with improvisational theater in order to illuminate the world of words. Join us April 19–21 for a lit-loving festival like no other!