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Richard Hugo wrote in The Triggering Town that “writing is hard, and writers need help.” The hardest part is the solitary slog that’s required to get the right words on the page. Hugo House is the place to find your greatest allies in writing, whether you connect with a kindred spirit in a class, meet someone chatting after an event, or help put on an program that reminds everyone present just why all this literary business matters so much.

There are many doors into Hugo House. Pick one or two (or three) and come on in!

Writers in Residence

Hugo House has two writers-in-residence, one in prose and one in poetry, who are available to meet with you and talk about your work, from the art of writing to publishing tips.

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You can volunteer to help with special events, on facilities projects, or with administrative support (learning the nuts and bolts of nonprofits, from databases to helping with the occasional mailing).

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Hugo Fellowship

The Hugo Fellowship program supports the next generation of writers by providing space, mentoring by our writers-in-residence, and free access to classes for King County writers.

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Become a Member

Join an inspiring community of those who know the importance of the written word. Support the work of Hugo House while receiving discounts on classes and more!

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