Haunted Hugo House Party Recap

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We had a hauntingly good time last night at the Haunted Hugo House Party, where we danced to DJ Domenica, made some Edgar Allan Poe blackout poems, ran a costume contest, and guided nearly seventy intrepid adventurers through basement ghost tours. Best of all, we found out at the party that we made more than our $20K goal with $20,875 and $24,375 with the board member match for the 30/30 Writing Challenge and fundraiser. Thanks to our 30/30 writers and donors for supporting Hugo House, and congrats to all the writers this month who wrote 30 minutes a day for 30 days (and more!)

And now, for some highlights:

The Yellow Wallpaper



DSC_0556 lauraresized

Spooky basement tours—telling the story of the dapper gentleman who lives in the fireplace


Wall of poems created from Poe stories

















Oscar Wilde (Dj Domenica) spinning tunes

oscar wilde















Seattle Public Library costume, winner of one of the costume prizes

seattle pub library














Executive Director Tree Swenson as the wicked witch from Oz

tree resized














If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

if you give a mouse a cookie














Big Bad (?) Wolf; Little Red Riding Hood

wolf and little red riding hood














Staff: Christine (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter), Richard (the sea from The Old Man and the Sea), and Tree again as the wicked witch

christine and richard


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  1. LJ_Morin Sat, 11/01/2014 - 7:38am  |  

    Great party, and congratulations to all of the Hugo 30/30 writers!