Micro Lesson: Music As Prompt with Anastacia-Renee

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Anastacia-Renee‘s four-week multigenre generative class, Music As Prompt, begins July 11.

We will use songs by Nina Simone, Etta James, Billie Holiday, and Alice Coltrane as writing prompts and literary vehicles to create hybrid (cross-genre) writing. We’ll close-listen and close-read lyrics to songs in order to write work echoing blues and jazz themes and styles

Example Prompt

Listen to Nina Simone’s “I Put a Spell On You” (from The Best of Nina Simone, track 7).

Create a poetic “spell” for one of the following:

  • Love/Un-Love
  • Writers Block
  • Anxiety
  • Humility/Arrogance
  • Apathy

The poetic “spell” must include:

  • Four stanzas five lines each, and a total of 20 lines
  • Repeating line, which reads, “I put a spell on you,” between each stanza
  • Two colors
  • Two time references
  • One scientific term
  • One nine-letter word
  • One Nina Simone quote (other than “I put a spell on you”) from the song
  • One juxtaposition

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anastacia_tolbert-16_209_314Anastacia-Renee is a writer, Cave Canem Fellow, Hedgebrook Alumna, and Artist Trust EDGE Program Graduate. She is the writer, co-director, and co-producer of GOTBREAST? (2007), a documentary about the views of women regarding breast and body image. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published widely. She is currently a Hugo House Writer-in-Residence.