Take Your Writing to the Next Level: New Tiered Classes in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry

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In addition to yearlong courses, we’re now excited to offer a track of classes in Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction. These classes are designed to help you feel confident when progressing through your writing, equipping you with the appropriate tools, skills, and an understanding of the diverse voices at work in each genre.

Yearlong classes are an incredible opportunity to work with a long-term cohort of writers and get extensive feedback, and tiered classes can help you prepare and refine your work before taking the plunge. A yearlong class is a big—and exciting—commitment, and the higher-tiered classes will give you a feel for the experience. Post-yearlong students can even continue to grow and receive feedback in tier II and III classes.

You can self-select into classes based on where you feel comfortable in a particular genre and you’re welcome to take classes as many times as you would like. (If you have little to no experience in a workshop setting, we recommend starting at Tier I.) The instructor, reading lists, and your class cohort may change with each class, so some may find taking the same tier more than once is beneficial. Or, you might simply feel more confident moving to the next tier with more experience.

Consider one of the below workshops if you’re ready to take your writing to the next level (yep, we went there).

Member registration opens tomorrow, August 15, at 10:30 am; general registration begins August 22.

Fall Tiered Classes in Poetry

Poetry II, Poetry II Online, and Poetry III will be offered Winter Quarter. 

Jamaica Baldwin

Poetry I with Jamaica Baldwin

Poetry I Online with Michelle Peñaloza


Whether a beginning poet or lover of the art, this class will introduce you to the beauty and complexity of writing and reading poetry, as well as the basics of the workshop model. We will look to image, metaphor, sound, lineation, and structure to write our own poems.


Keetje Kuipers

Poetry II with Keetje Kuipers


This class will build upon craft learned in Poetry I. Through more intensive readings, prompts, discussions, and workshops of your poems, we will further develop our poetic technique. While Poetry I is aimed at introducing you to the vast creative toolbox available to any poet, the goal of Poetry II is to explore in more detail those craft elements that are most often at play in your own growing body of work.


Fall Tiered Classes in Fiction

Fiction II, Fiction II Online, and Fiction III will be offered Winter Quarter. 

Anca Szilágyi

Fiction I with Anca Szilágyi

Fiction I Online with Peter Mountford


Whether you’re looking to write stories or a novel, this course will introduce three key elements of fiction: character, plot, and landscape. Alongside published examples and writing prompts in and out of class, you will write a short story and learn the basics of the workshop model.



Michael Shilling

Fiction II with Michael Shilling


This class will build upon craft learned in Fiction I. We will focus on point of view, scene construction, and dialogue through reading published examples, writing prompts, and workshop of each other’s writing.

Fall Tiered Classes in Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction II, Creative Nonfiction II Online, and Creative Nonfiction III will be offered Winter Quarter.

Anne Liu Kellor

Creative Nonfiction I with Anne Liu Kellor

Creative Nonfiction I Online with Anne Liu Kellor


This class will help you decide the best way to tell the nonfiction story you want to tell. We will figure out the true topic of our pieces, and how to most effectively explore those topics through points of view, scene, reflection, and form. Using generative writing, reading, and an introduction to the workshop model, we will begin to investigate our own personal stories.

Beth Slattery

Creative Nonfiction II with Beth Slattery


This class will build upon craft learned in Creative Nonfiction I. We will delve deeper into styles of creative nonfiction including memoir and personal essay forms. Students will consider more intensive readings and prompts, and workshop their own nonfiction pieces.

“[Creative Nonfiction II] will be the best fit for students who have some basic knowledge of and experience writing and reading creative nonfiction, particularly personal essay and literary journalism. We will be building on skills and concepts…such as description, voice, point of view, character, etc,” writes Beth on the course.

“In addition, we will be looking closely at structure and investigating less traditional forms of CNF writing, as well as discussing issues about truth and ethics.”