Phoetry: A Collaborative Poem from the Phinney Farmers Market

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Our volunteer, Mike, had a great time at Phinney Market, and lots of young poets and their families turned up to help us create poems about the Phinney Market. Enjoy.

Good Food On Every Corner
Food is eaten here
Familiar, exotic, colorful, raw
Each fruit, a thrill
Every vegetable, a steady companion
I eat more vegetables
My mother would be pleased
Then I eat ice cream

Squinting in the sun
Dirt embedded in shirt seams
The juiciest peach


Crisp red apples and crisp red leaves
It must be autumn
From tree to tree
The season’s promise

Give me a kumquat so I can eat
With my toes and nose
Oh, such a treat

It wasn’t simply hunger that drew her to the market
She had a Car2Go and needed a place to park it
She loved the fresh grown veggies, the fruit tasted so good
There was no place better than here in Phinneywood

You can run into friends and strangers alike
They come in cars on foot and on bikes
They come with names like Jesus and Mary and Mike