We’re Seeking Books for Incarcerated Writers

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Greetings, Hugo House members and friends! We’re bringing books to incarcerated writers, and we’re reaching out to our community for help. 

Our partner program, the Golf Pencil Group—a creative community for incarcerated writers—leads a weekly class at King County Jail. Students at the jail have very limited access to books, and they’re hungry for inspiring and exciting writing.

This program distributes a limited number of donated books, and we’d love your help in building a big lending library.

Please drop off book donations (paperback only!) at Hugo House, where they’ll be reviewed and approved by the Golf Pencil Group’s coordinator before being distributed to students during our weekly class!

Some popular genres and titles include:

  • Memoirs from those who have survived incarceration and become activistsThe Autobiography of Malcolm X, Angela Davis’s memoirs and scholarship, Piri Thomas’s Down These Mean Streets, Luis Rodriguez’s It Calls You Back and Always Running
  • Black history, from the struggle against slavery to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter
  • Chicanx and Native history, from colonization and the Chicano and American Indian Movements to the present day
  • YA series: Harry Potter, Divergent, etc.
  • Poets such as Pablo Neruda, Joy Harjo, Britteney Black Rose Kapri, Shel Silverstein, Patricia Smith, and Haymarket’s Breakbeat Poets series
  • Self-help books such as John C. Maxwell’s Emotional Intelligence and books on trauma and resilience, anger management, parenting
  • Thrillers and true crime: Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, Ann Rule, etc.
  • Books on astrology and the enneagram
  • Urban fiction: Sister Souljah’s novels, Shvonne Latrice’s Me and My Dope Boy, Joyce De La King’s Bitch series, Karen P. Williams’ romance Harlem on Lock
  • Cookbooks with color pictures (students love the sight of beautifully prepared food)

Thank you for your support for these writers as they create, reflect, pursue empowerment, and write the next chapters of their lives!