Six Simple Tips for 30/30 Fundraising

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Logo Grey BackgroundDespite being almost universally dreaded, fundraising doesn’t have to be a drag. For those participating in the 30/30 Writing Challenge, we want to provide some not-so-scary, creative techniques for raising money that have proven to work well in any fundraiser:

1. Reach out to a variety of folks—family, friends, colleagues. Think of the people who love and support you. Your biggest fan—who also happens to be your favorite aunt. Your running group. Your co-workers (or at least the ones you like.) They can always say no, but chances are they’ll support you just because you asked.

2. Send people updates on how your Challenge is going. “Day 13 and still writing strong!” Send these updates to people who have not yet donated, too. Most people intend to donate, but they get busy and forget. Think of it as a gentle reminder that you’re asking for their support.

3. Join or create a team! Not only will this give you an added boost of accountability in your writing, you can also fundraise with each other. An alumni team, like Afterschool Specials, can ask other UW alums to donate to their team. A team with writers who work at the same company can bake cookies to bring to work one day, then ask their colleagues for donations.

4. Post about your Challenge hills and troughs on your blog, and be sure to include a link to your 30/30 fundraising page.

5. Send hand-written thank you notes or personal emails to every person who donates to your page.

6. Set up your own Kickstarter-esque rewards for donors, such as writing a poem or vignette for everyone w
ho donates $50 or more. Your donors will love the personal touch.