So long, AP Stylebook

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After years of worshipping at the feet of the Associated Press Stylebook, the time has come for Hugo House to make the switch to the more literary of the two main stylebooks, The Chicago Manual of Style. This means we will be using the serial comma (finally), italics instead of quotes for book titles, and a whole slew of other changes to the minutiae of our writing.

The purpose of this blog is to let Hugo House patrons know that, at least for a while, our style will be inconsistent as we adapt to the ins and outs of Chicago, which is the standard in publishing, and wean ourselves off AP, which is more aligned with the newspaper and PR industries. We will slowly update previously posted webpages. While some of our less discerning readers may not notice at all, we know all the copyeditors out there can spot a mistake from a mile away (even through all this thick fog hanging about Seattle). Be patient, and we welcome you to the new and more literary style of Hugo House. In the meantime, here is a related article from The Onion.