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Audio/Visual Storytelling Scribes

Scribes will be immersed in the diverse art of storytelling. Together with Greg and Rachel, Scribes will engage dynamically with their senses and surroundings, and participate in arts-driven field trips, writing activities, craft exercises, and exposure to a diverse range of artistic forms and artists. Scribes will explore the urban environment as they learn to experience the world as storytellers and are sure to find something to connect with and something new to try in this multi-genre exploration of craft and words. The session will culminate in a community show where Scribes will have the opportunity to share their work! All skill levels welcome.

Instructor: Greg Stump and Rachel Kessler

Grade: 7-8

Location: Hugo House

Duration: One week

Term: Scribes 2020

Start Date: 07/13/2020

End Date: 07/17/2020

Days of the Week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm PDT

Maximum Class Size: 15

$450.00 General Price:

Greg Stump and Rachel Kessler

Greg Stump is a longtime contributor to The Stranger and a former writer and editor for The Comics Journal. His work in comics includes the weekly strip Dwarf Attack and the comic book series Urban Hipster, a co-creation with David Lasky that was nominated for a Harvey and Ignatz award. His graphic novel Disillusioned Illusions was published in 2015 by Fantagraphics Books. An adjunct lecturer at Seattle University and a writer-in-residence for Seattle Arts & Lectures, he has been teaching comics to students of all ages for close to two decades.

Rachel Kessler explores landscape and community through writing and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Co-founder of Typing Explosion and Vis-à-Vis Society, their book of collaborative poems, 100 Rooms, is forthcoming October 2019. She recently opened collective Wa Na Wari, a center for Black art in the CD, and is Artist-In-Residence at public housing project Yesler Terrace.

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