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Literature of the Sciences

All Levels | This reading course explores the intersection of art and science. Discussion will include: the psychological basis for art; the concept of art-for-art’s sake; how improvisation can lead to insight and alchemy; the rejection of “inspiration”; and the theory that art first and foremost must inform its maker. We’ll read and discuss excerpts of poetry and prose from writers who use the sciences as fodder, and we’ll try one or two in-class writing exercises geared toward writing-through-discovery.

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Instructor: Janée Baugher

Class Type: 1 Session

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Start Date: 08/04/2019

Days of the Week: Sunday

Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm PDT

Minimum Class Size: 5

Maximum Class Size: 15

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Janée Baugher

Janée J. Baugher has taught creative writing for twenty years, and is a poetry submission reader for Boulevard. She’s the author of Coördinates of Yes, The Body’s Physics, and the forthcoming, The Ekphrastic Writer: Creating Art-Influenced Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction (McFarland, 2020).

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