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“Through Megan's sharp eyes, I could finally see my manuscript's narrative arc, which had evaded my myopic vision for years. She is an organizational wizard.” See All

Megan Snyder-Camp $100/hr

Services Offered

  • One-on-One coaching sessions
  • Read Complete Manuscript

Available For

  • Essay
  • Guidance in applying for awards/residencies
  • Guidance in submissions to magazines or publishers
  • Line-Editing/Copyediting
  • Poetry

“Through Megan's sharp eyes, I could finally see my manuscript's narrative arc, which had evaded my myopic vision for years. She is an organizational wizard.”

"Megan has a talent for honing in on the emotional heart of a poem or a sequence. Her insights were invaluable in helping to give shape and sharpness to my work.”

“Megan's feedback is thorough and insightful. She is an amazingly talented and generous manuscript consultant!”

Megan Snyder-Camp is the author of three books of poetry, most recently Wintering (Tupelo) and The Gunnywolf (Bear Star), both of which were published in September 2016. She is the recipient of grants and fellowships from Bread Loaf, Djerassi, the 4Culture Foundation, and elsewhere.

Working Style

Read Complete Manuscript: This is a one-time service that usually takes about 5-7 hours. I will read the manuscript twice, offering two layers of feedback. During the first reading I will aim to narrate my reading experience as it unfolds, recording what draws me in, what confuses me, what bigger thematic questions arise and (how) are those resolved as well as how does the current order and sectioning (if used) of poems in the manuscript support or obstruct my passage as a reader. On my second read I typically make line-edit notes on about a third of the poems, focusing my attention on the manuscript’s overall structure, offering a proposal for what is often a significant re-ordering/structuring of the manuscript, as well as noting any poems that might be missing from the manuscript and/or any poems currently in the manuscript that may no longer need to be there. This second reading is also where I will engage with all titles (of poems/sections/mss as a whole). I record my feedback old school: I write in two pen colors on a printout of the manuscript, one color ink per reading. I make a LOT of notes, both detailed positive feedback and ideas/questions for next steps. To tie it all together, I type up a 1-2 page overall response that engages the manuscript’s formal, thematic and structural arcs.

One-on-One coaching sessions: This can be ongoing or one-time support and can be scaled up or down. My one-on-one coaching is best anchored by in-person meetings. I offer accountability, support and focus, often in the shape of reading suggestions, prompts, and/or new approaches to revision. Like a personal trainer, but for poetry! Examples of what this might look like:

• Do you have a few raw poem-drafts you want to revise, but are unsure where to start? I love talking about revision possibilities, and can help you re-enter your poems from a range of directions.

• Have you resolved to submit more poems to journals? I can offer cover letter advice, any small line-edit tweaks, and help you select and order the poems for your submission.

• Are you starting to amass a stack of poems, wondering if you might have the seeds of a book and beginning to think about how to organize the pile into a manuscript, what to leave in and what to leave out? I am happy to help you find the cornerstones for a manuscript, brainstorming a larger structure for the book and talking through what poems might stay in/come out/not be written yet. This is a personal favorite of mine, kind of like barn-raising: laying everything out on the floor and trying new arrangements, helping to discern the shape a book might take.


Flexible availability, in person or via email.
Though not required, I prefer to first meet potential clients in person. I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation, during which I will get a clearer sense of where you are in your work and what you’re looking for, and what support I can offer.