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“Susan is an excellent, thoughtful, and skilled mentor. She encourages writers with constructive comments and establishes a safe environment where creativity flourishes. Working with her is a joy.”—Paula Selis, J.D. See All

Susan Meyers $100/hr

Services Offered

  • One-on-One coaching sessions
  • Read Complete Manuscript
  • Read first 50 pages of manuscript
  • Read individual pieces of short fiction or nonfiction up to 10,000 words
  • Synopsis

Available For

  • Book Proposals
  • Essay
  • Genre
  • Guidance in applying for awards/residencies
  • Guidance in Submissions to agents
  • Guidance in submissions to magazines or publishers
  • Line-Editing/Copyediting
  • Novel
  • Preparing applications for College/MFA/etc.
  • Research
  • Short Fiction

“Susan is an excellent, thoughtful, and skilled mentor. She encourages writers with constructive comments and establishes a safe environment where creativity flourishes. Working with her is a joy.”—Paula Selis, J.D.

“I was grateful to Susan Meyers for taking on my project and even more grateful when I reviewed her work on my novel draft. In addition to advising me on conventions in publishing, Susan captured and corrected errors in grammar and offered wonderfully helpful advice on contextual issues in the narrative. Perhaps of greatest importance were the abundant evidence that she ‘got’ the story I was trying to tell and her enhancing of my ability to tell it.”—Roger Roffman, author of Marijuana Nation: From Vietnam to Legalization

“Working with Susan was just what I needed to resurrect my novel. She provided concrete theory on how to construct chapters and an overall novel structure, as well as general coaching about the actual sitting-your-butt-down-and-writing bit. Working with her was inspirational, helpful, and fun!”—Jason Gerend, Microsoft

“I highly recommend working with Susan Meyers for her focus on story development and structure and her guidance with developing conflict and characters in novels. Susan taught me how to critically evaluate story structure and to develop character-centric narratives that were both mysterious and exciting. My writing has improved tremendously.”—AJ Reiman, Microsoft

With 20+ years of experience coaching authors and teaching at four top-ranked universities, Susan V. Meyers currently directs the Creative Writing Program at Seattle University. She holds an MFA from the University of Minnesota and a PhD from the University of Arizona, and has been a writer in residence at seven different arts centers around the country. Both her nonfiction book on immigration and her novel, Failing the Trapeze, have won major awards, including the Nilsen Award for a First Novel and grants from the Fulbright foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, 4Culture, Artist Trust, and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. Other work has recently appeared in Per Contra, Calyx, Dogwood, The Portland Review, The MacGuffin and The Minnesota Review, and it has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Working Style

My background makes me well suited to coaching writers through both creative and strategic projects, and I am available for a free 15-minute phone consult if you’d like to learn more.

For Manuscripts: I prefer to meet you in person (or Skype) at the beginning of a project to get a sense of your goals and questions—and for us to develop a rapport together. Thereafter, I will provide you with comprehensive editorial support throughout the various stages of your writing process, including thorough feedback (both margin comments and end notes) for developmental editing and detailed “track changes” responses for line editing and proofreading. (Generally, my pace is 20 pages/hour.)

For Publishing Proposals & Applications: I have helped dozens of people submit books proposals and get accepted into graduate schools—often with full funding packages. Because I have sat on a university MFA selection committee, I know how to best advise applicants. Similarly, as someone who has published both fiction and nonfiction, I can coach you through the process of writing query letters for novels/collections or book proposals for nonfiction projects. I am equally comfortable with the creative and research-driven publishing processes; and, in either case, I will blend in-person planning sessions with email-delivered line edits and ongoing feedback. (Time varies by project.)

For One-on-One Coaching (ongoing): I blend monthly in-person sessions with feedback delivered via email as you submit samples/projects to me between our ongoing sessions. Having worked with thousands of writing students over 20 years, I am quite versatile in terms of subject area, and I love in-person planning/brainstorming sessions, as well as watching writers develop and grow into themselves over time. Depending on your needs, I can coach you through process planning (i.e. how to approach, plan, and follow through on a project); idea development and organization; revision strategies; and/or any gaps you need to fill related to grammar, mechanics, or citations and style. (Average 2-3 hours per month.)


Flexible scheduling includes daytime/evening/weekend options for in-person and Skype/phone sessions. Feedback between live sessions is delivered via email. I am generally available year-round.


I love working on creative manuscripts just as much as I enjoy helping you get your book proposal launched, your MFA applications mailed off, or your submissions sent out to magazines or residencies. I’m really more focused on you and your development than I am on a specific literary niche. I love working on longer projects, especially narratives that take interesting approaches to structure/form and nonfiction/memoir projects that have unique stories to tell. I find it particularly satisfying to work with authors over time, engaging in early brainstorming stages with them, providing editorial support, and helping them launch their work out into the world. I am well connected nationally and enjoy using my networks to help writers advance their careers.