Stage Fright

Stage Fright reader

Join us at Stage Fright, an open mic event that gives young writers the opportunity to share poetry, fiction, journals, songs, plays, and more!  


If you have a piece of writing and want to share it in front of an audience, sharit at Stage Fright! If you have a piece of writing and aren’t sure whether you want to share it in front of an audience, contemplate this at Stage Fright! If you want to enjoy and appreciate the work of your peer writing community, cheer them on at Stage Fright!  

Stage Fright is hosted by current members of the Young Writers Cohort, and attended by fellow peer writers, family members, and guest artists from the Seattle literary community, creating an authentic and supportive audience for you to work on your Stage Fright!

Upcoming Stage Fright events:

  • Saturday, January 29th at 7pm, held on Zoom. You can register for this event by clicking the link here.