Three Steps for Selling Your Next Book by Rachel Werner

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How do you want the reader to be changed by the words you’ve written?

We all know too well that what motivates one person to keep turning pages could equally trigger another to shut a book forever. Which is why cultivating connections with other writers, the media, and bibliophiles who share your interests can significantly impact the ability to publish your work over time. 

Three steps you can take now to increase the odds of selling your next pitch are: 

1. Accept you’re a “creativepreneur.”
As defined by, “A creativepreneur is an entrepreneur who builds a business around a personal mission, passion or purpose and runs it from creative principles, using digital teams, tools, and tribes to expand income and influence.” Which means it’s beneficial for anyone attempting to make money via their artistic endeavors to know how to effectively promote their work. 

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2. Share YOUR story. Even if you’re a fervent introvert, the person best equipped to communicate your merits and unique attributes as a writer is YOU. Why is YA lit the genre your eyes—and pen—are drawn to? How did you embark on a two-week quest to find the best late night ramen spot in Seattle? These types of personal insights can hook an audience, editor, and/or agent’s attention. 

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3. Figure out your boundaries—and stick to them. Building a personal brand may require, to a certain extent, expanding outside of one’s comfort zone. That being said, recognizing your limitations in regard to transparency, social media use, and online collaborations is also key. Privacy matters, so honor your internal barometer as to when, and how often, you need to recharge by unplugging. 

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Here’s a sneak peek at the course content:

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Rachel Werner is the Content Marketing Specialist for Taliesin Preservation—a National Historic Landmark and the home, studio, school and 800-acre estate of Frank Lloyd Wright. She is also guest faculty at The Highlights Foundation; a 2018 We Need Diverse Books mentorship finalist; and a 2017 World Food Championship judge. Formerly the digital editor at BRAVA (a Wisconsin-based publication created by women for women), she enjoyed overseeing culinary, arts, style and live event coverage while working in the media in addition to contributing print, photography and video content to BLK+GRN, Madison Magazine, Entrepreneurial Chef, Hobby Farms Magazine and Urban Farm. She is equally grateful to have presented this year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writer’s Institute and Write to Publish at Portland State University on digital marketing and social media strategy for writers.