Contagious Exchanges

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Contagious Exchanges is hosted and curated by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. The series features two dynamic writers bridging genre, style, sensibility, and all the markers of identity in queer lives. Cross-pollinating spoken word with literary fiction, poetic experimentation with creative nonfiction, hybrid work with narrative prose, Contagious Exchanges seeks to explode boundaries so that critical engagement can thrive.

“…more than just a promising reading series, what Bernstein Sycamore is doing with Contagious Exchanges is claiming a space to discuss queer issues in literature,” writes Paul Constant in The Seattle Weekly. “[The series] is proof that there’s more to be said, written, and discussed about the state of queer writing in America…”

Contagious Exchanges is currently on hiatus but will continue in 2018.