#WhereWeWrite: Anastacia-Renee

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Parking lots, underground garages, and grocery-store parking spaces—I spend at least fifteen hours a week commuting, so much of my a-ha brilliant writer thoughts take place in my car. I keep a journal and pen in the car so that I can reach it at all times. Once, I wrote an entire poem while grocery-store goers ran in and out and out and in. What I like most is that I can put the seat back and write in a flat, on-my-back position with my arms extended to the sky (well, the roof of my car). My next favorite place to write is my bedroom chaise; it’s where I write most of my nonfiction and short stories and do most of my editing. Somehow my dog, Beaux, has become my timer and sits on my lap blocking the computer so that I cannot write anymore.


Lastly, the place I love to write is anywhere another writer is sharing their work on stage. If you catch me writing while you are on the mic, I am paying attention … you’ve just moved me enough to write about and respond to what you are saying. What I wrote while Quenton Baker was on stage poet-ing last week at the Made at Hugo House/writer-in-residence reading:

the man, the tall black man is a bloody vessel for a wailing sea no one wants to get salty (over) all the people exfoliating their sins like a scrub they try & hide

Anastacia-Renee is Hugo House’s poet-in-residence. She’ll be teaching Writing Within the Body starting May. Register now!