#WhereWeWrite: Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum

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1. I write in several places, really, because my life is over-busy and I have to write whenever and wherever time permits. One favorite spot, though, is this chair in my living room, which was my first furniture purchase after I moved back home to Washington from New York a few years ago. I got rid of most of my furniture before the move, and I was jobless and broke for a while after. This chair, which is huge and comfortable, felt like such a luxury when I finally saved enough to buy it, and I love to crawl into it and write.


2. The other (less luxurious) place I write is the passenger seat of my car. I have two young children, and so writing at home isn’t always a (quiet) option. I often drive to the beach and sit in the passenger seat of my car to work in peaceful, perfect solitude.

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