#WhereWeWrite: Martin McClellan

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I work in a little studio that is all mine, directly atop a waxing studio. Maybe there’s a metaphor there, but it’s probably a poor one. The waxing studio is part of the Vain hair salon, which used to be the infamous rock club, The Vogue. Before that, it was a residence hall. My brother-in-law lodged here when he moved to Seattle from Montana in the early eighties.

I write at a round table made my father and grandfather, and at whose edge I ate most of my childhood meals, with my family. The artist who had the studio before me painted the place in bright colors. I’ve added many paintings, by friends and by my wife, and my collection of how-to-write books. The painting in the picture is by Suzanne Bybee, and I commissioned it from her, based on the Elizabeth Bishop poem, Casabianca. Sometimes I write on my laptop in the rocking chair. I feel very lucky to have a place all my own.

Martin McClellan is a designer and novelist living in Seattle. He’s the co-founder of the Seattle Review of Books. He’s the senior UX designer for Breaking News. His first novel, California Four O’Clock was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March of 2015. He’s written a few things on Medium. He wrote a short article about typography for McSweeney’s called Letters from the Hellbox. He lives in Seattle with his wife and young son.