Words from the Columbia City Farmers Market

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Hugo House is on tour—with a typewriter! For the next couple months, you can find us at various farmers markets, facilitating an “exquisite corpse” poem: market-goers will contribute one line each to a collaborative poem (also known as an “exquisite corpse”) to be posted in full later on the blog.

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, we were at the Columbia City Farmers Market, where the smell of tamales wafted over, the kombucha was fresh, and the neighborhood really came together to work on that day’s collaborative poem.

Check out what they put together:

Columbia City Farmers Market

We walked beneath the last stretches of summer sun
And saw another white box had gone up on our block.
Always be aware of the love that surrounds you
like a blanket or something nice like that.
Golden peaches, green beans, newly dug potatoes and
crusty fresh bread smeared with goat cheese—
it’s easier to confess the awful truth to a stranger;
now we are not strangers anymore
but at what cost to lose the veil of strangeness?

Ah, Dr. Strangelove, I presume. Nothing is weird here
except the vast array of stars in the universe,
stumbles twists expands shatters with grace ground
finely, with muted wit
and smiles passing by, surrounded by fresh produce
percussive persistence powers people pouring pacing
looking for Alexisms left rotting in the gutter ground
when magic initiates generation of innovative customs
eggplants regurgitate s[]oxylic acids as peppers pugilate perfumed stuff.

Community: omnipotent living under mediated beliefs
initiates action.

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