Featured 30/30 Writer: Beth Bacon

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11351446_10153327468805816_4241673333066677705_nSometimes the words flow freely. On those days I write.

Sometimes, I struggle to find any words at all. I write on those days, too.

Writing is a solitary task, but with the 30/30 challenge, I feel like I’m part of something bigger—a team of other writers who know that the journey is made up of many little steps. Whether it was easy or not, I added to my novel every day last October. I never wrote a lot of pages in those thirty-minute sittings, but after thirty days, the pages added up. I kept up my discipline after the Challenge ended, and by early December, I had completed the first draft of my novel. This year, the 30/30 Challenge motivates me again. New novel, new demands. But knowing there’s a group of other writers working along with me keeps me going.

Read an excerpt from Bacon’s novel, which she wrote during last year’s 30/30.

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